The Centre for Right Relationship in Afrika
A Flourishing Africa through 
Right Relationship


The Centre for Right Relationships in Afrika is a diverse and cohesive group of 4 leaders in the field of providing cutting edge systemic and relationship-focused training and coaching programs across the beautiful Afrikan continent.

We understand, and walk the talk, that right relationships are the key to effective, future-fit, healthy and resilient teams 

About Us


Ronnie Ndlovu

Areas of Expertise:

  • Relationship & Team Coach

  • Executive, career and leadership coach

  • Leadership & team Development

  • Strategy Facilitation

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is an incredible tool for individuals and community growth that all citizens of the world should access.


Professional Practice:

Ronnie has been and continues to be a faculty member in CRR Global, an international organization providing training in systems coaching and leadership for approximately 5 years. More recently he joined 4 other colleagues to continue with the provision of these courses primarily in Africa.


He brings into the training, 20 years’ experience of coaching individuals, groups and teams.



Bachelor’s in accounting; Certified Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach.; Co-Active Coach.



Family; friends; reading; an occasional game of golf.


Refiloe Mokonyane 

Refiloe Mokonyane is a relationship systems coach and facilitator.


She is passionate about human development and being a change agent for better relations and environment at home, schools, communities and workplace.


She is also a co-founder of a non-profit organisation Bestowed Hope that offers personal development workshops to communities. 


In her professional experience she qualified in BComm (Information Systems) and gained corporate experience in the IT field and later realised that her passion was in human systems.


She is a licensed More To Life facilitator and trained in ORSC - Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching.


I am the founder of the business Cecil Murray • Coach. My professional experience is a celebration of working and studying in 11 countries on 5 continents. My particular expertise is learning, coaching, team dynamics and human behaviour change. 

As a Team Whisperer, I work with teams and their leaders helps them to intentionally strengthen team dynamics, handle conflict productively, and rebuild trust. As a result, they relate better, feel safer, are more creative and productive, and can deliver great results.

My highest qualification is a Master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of the Witwatersrand and I have numerous internationally recognised certifications.

I am a grateful grandfather of four, and a lover of mountain biking in wild places.


Klaus Lombardozzi

My passion and skill are to facilitate creative and engaging relationship-building processes through which organisations discover the full potential of their creative and intelligent essence.


This discovering enables organisations to thrive in a fast-paced, pressured and complex world by improving staff engagement, productivity and collaboration.


In addition to my International Certification in Coaching, I bring 20 years of leadership experience supported organisations lead different teams, deliver complex projects in Europe and South Africa. 

My deepest desire is to see a diversity of people respect each other and work together by creatively dealing with conflict and leveraging off their differences.

Cecil Murray


Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC)

ORSC is a methodology that combines ‘systems thinking’ with coaching.


ORSC provides teams with Relationship Systems Intelligence™(RSI™). RSI™ builds on the team's capacity in Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI) to create a cohesive and aligned unit from a group of diverse individuals working towards a desired outcome. 


It empowers and successfully enable leaders and their team members to effectively deal with the myriad of relationship dynamics that cause conflict, frustration, low engagement, high turn over and poor productivity in organisations. 


By becoming an ORSC practitioner, you support each individual to become aware of their impact on the bigger picture and how to more consciously design effective relationships.


You will learn an invaluable set of tools to enrich your individual awareness and skill, and to coach others to do the same.


Relationship Systems Intelligence

Organisational and relationship systems training is built on Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™).

ORSC Fundamentals 

Every student begins their ORSC™ journey into the series by taking one of two courses, Fundamentals of ORSC™ or ORS@Work (Organisation & Relationship Systems at Work).

These various entry point trainings are based on the same set of skills and principles. 

Once students have completed any of the above introductory course, they are eligible to enter into the ORSC™ series.

Schedule 2022

Module 1 – Fundamentals  |  May Fri 6 – Sat 7  |  2 full days (consecutive)

Module 1 – Fundamentals  |  July  Fri 8 – Sat 9  |  2 full days (consecutive)

Module 1 – Fundamentals  |  August Thur 4; Fri 5; Thur 11; Fri 12  | 4 half-days (2 + 2; week apart)

Module 1 – Fundamentals  |  October Fri 7 – Sat 8  |  2 full days (consecutive)

Module 1 – Fundamentals  |  November Thur 17– Fri 18  |  2 full days (consecutive)

ORSC Advanced Training 

Start Advanced Series here:

The ORSC Advanced Series offers you a full professional skillset for both systemic team coaching and personal relationship coaching. Forward-thinking leaders develop the practical mastery of a style of inclusive transformational leadership that goes beyond command and control.

Schedule 2022
(all modules 3 full days - 08:30-17:00)

Module 2 - Intelligence  | 1-3 September 2022

Module 3 - Geography | 29 Sept - 1 Oct 2022
Module 4 - Path | 27-29 October 2022
Module 5 - Systems Integration | 24-26 November 2022


Provides a robust toolkit for increasing emotional resilience in the face of constant change.


Explores how to recognise and nurture diversity as well as the structures of relationships.


Explores how to create a shared vision and a strategic plan for achieving it.

Systems Integration 

Brings all the pieces together and provides a learning space to integrate and deepen skills