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Relationship Systems Intelligence

Organisational and relationship systems training is built on Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI)TM. Here are some of the key components of RSI:

  • RSI is the ability to maximise one’s relationship with a group, team or system and to relate to it as a whole. Teams with higher RSI are more productive and report greater team cohesion and satisfaction than teams with lower RSI. (Offerman, Bailey et al 2004).

  • RSI involves the ability to move from seeing a group of individuals to seeing the system itself, as a living breathing entity. We call this the Third Entity™.

  • Conflict is not seen as a problem, but is seen as a signal that change is needed in the system. Conflict is handled skilfully as a midwife to constructive change. It’s not about “who is doing what to whom”; it’s about “what is trying to happen.”

  • RSI includes the ability to read the emotional field of the system and accurately identify the emotional climate in a given situation. Once the system is revealed to itself it can begin to self-correct.

  • RSI requires deep democracy (Arnold Mindell 2002). Deep democracy is the practice of recognising that all voices in a relationship system need to be heard – including the unpopular ones – as they are a part of the knowledge pool of the system. Every voice carries data, information and wisdom in some way for that system. People with high RSI seek out multiple inputs from the system and are not threatened by differences – essential for leading in diverse societies.

  • Everyone is a voice of the system. The ability to shift from a personal perspective (“it’s Larry’s opinion)” to a systems perspective (”Larry is expressing something that lives in the system and it’s not personal”) is a cornerstone of high Relationship Systems Intelligence™.


An overview of Relationship Systems Intelligence™ would be that it’s not about “me”, and it’s not about “me and you”, it’s about “us” in this system and what is trying to happen.


Read the full RSI White Paper from CRR Global

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