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Systems Integration

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ORSC Series module 5: Systems Integration

This is where you put it all together. With the foundational model and the rich toolset already in the bag, you get to practice holistically and integrate your learning. Led by coaches with intimate knowledge and rich experience of applying ORSC in the real world across the continent of Africa and beyond, this is the most intensely practical of all.



You have to complete Advanced Module 3: Systems Path before you can take the Systems Integration course. Each module builds on the previous one in the ORSC series.

Your investment

Time and effort:

  1. Three full days of interactive learning, 8 hours each day, some evening work as in previous modules.

  2. Course Fee:  R18,975 (inclusive).  You get 10% off if you register for all four modules and pay the full amount ahead of Intelligence Module

The Systems Integration module puts it all together and gets super practical about how to coach long term systemic change, from your first conversation to project closure


It all looks different when you have gone around the bases of the previous modules – now we take a holistic view. You go from a single-issue specialist to a systems worker ready to lead and coach any team, organisation, community or couple to achieve sustainable change according to the agenda of their choice.

Your practical skills include:

  • How to get started with new (internal or external) clients in a deeply professional systemic methodology

  • Create integrated plans with your clients that address their agenda and draw on the full body of systemic tools – without having to teach or preach


Your certificate now contains enough ICF Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) to qualify for an ICF coaching credential provided you meet their other criteria for experience and mentorship (available from any ICF-accredited coach including us).

You are one of the second hundred fully ORSC-trained systemic team coaches on the continent of Africa and also eligible to join the rich, active and supportive ORSC Africa Community (email:

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