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ORSC Series module 2: Systems Intelligence 

The first module of the Advanced Series is all about navigating complex change. This goes way beyond simple “change management” – for survival in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous “VUCA” world we are looking for leaders and coaches who are steeped in systems awareness and really take advantage of their people’s ability to generate new solutions.



One of the following:

  • ORSC Fundamentals (see above)

  • ORS@Work (a workplace-focused version, also available from us in-house)

  • RSI@Work (available in-house from a network of licensed practitioners worldwide)


Your investment

Time and effort:

  1. Review and use what you learned in your Foundation course.

  2. Three full days of interactive learning, 8 hours each day.

  3. Flextime: At least an hour on the evenings of day 1 and 2 – deepening and applying the day’s learning.

  4. Before the next course: continue applying your learning with teams and partnerships in the real world.

  5. Course Fee:  R18,975 (inclusive).  You get 10% off if you register for all four modules and pay the full amount ahead of Intelligence Module

When you walk away from the Systems Intelligence module, you have the complete ORSC “Operating System” – the core coaching and leadership skills that underpin your work. Your are equipped to focus on the wisdom and capacity of the human system (couple, team, organisation) rather than the individual members and their drama.



You really get it about how to work with the wisdom and capability of the whole human system (organisation, team, partnership, couple) – rather than getting overly bogged down in individual fractiousness. You also treat change as something that is always with us, not an enemy but an exciting journey to be navigated. Your practical skills include:

  • A deceptively simple model for change that enables everybody to engage and be part of the solution

  • Rich and finely tuned antennae to take in the ways a human system expresses itself – enabling you to liberate the energy and wisdom of the team or partnership

  • Tools and skills to dive in and engage when things get rough: hearing all the voices, not backing away, finding clarity and purpose.

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