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ORSC Series module 4: Systems Path

Insight is only valuable if it leads to informed action. This module is about getting systems into action, informed by strategic vision that builds on the intelligence of the whole human system. It gets beyond that sense that one leader has to know the answers to everything!



You have to complete Advanced Module 2: Systems Geography before you can take the Path course. Each module builds on the previous one in the ORSC series.

Your investment

Time and effort:

  1. Three full days of interactive learning, 8 hours each day, some evening work as in previous modules.

  2. Course Fee:  R18,975 (inclusive).  You get 10% off if you register for all four modules and pay the full amount ahead of Intelligence Module

The Systems Path module gathers input and energy for informed action from a much wider and deeper variety of sources than traditional strategy and inspiration sessions, and sets you up to work with the radical uncertainty that is both the challenge and the opportunity of 21st century existence.



Your journey of personal and professional development continues: you have to “burn your wood” to be able to hold secure space for others to explore their differences with enough courage and safety. Your practical skills include:

  • Working with roles at multiple levels, from the functional “who does what” to the less tangible impact of “inner roles” from rebels to rescuers to fixers and more

  • Understanding and working constructively with the impact of the ghosts and past patterns that often bedevil our best efforts to move forward in business, family and society

  • The #1 favourite ORSC tool: Lands Work for a robust method of interrogating difference and negotiating common ground with empathy, depth and courage.

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