WEBINAR: Team Coaching - Let’s Get it Right

What Inspires Your Team Coaching?

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Calling all coaches, consultants and L&OD practitioners, to join CRR Afrika Directors, Ronnie Ndlovu and Cecil Murray for an interactive webinar on this topic on 4 Nov 2021, from (11:30-13:00 CAT). We look forward to engaging with


We will be drawing a winner of a free copy of the newly-launched “SYSTEMS INSPIRED LEADERSHIP” (see below) during the webinar.

As Team Coaching becomes more popular, more experienced coaches and new entrants are seeking to make a mark in this field.

The dilemma is that:

- Leader expectations of the benefits are high, sometimes uninformed,

- Not all coaches and clients have come to grips with the essence of team coaching,

- Standards and outcomes are uncertain (although ICF standards have been set, the accreditation process for team Coaches will most likely only be concluded in 2022).





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