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What do Directors talk about at Board Meetings?

Is it LOVE?

It was deeply moving for the four us to spend 90 minutes together this week, talking about nothing but our values and our purpose (more about that in due course).

And what are our values? Love, Ubuntu and Growth.

It was inspiring and empowering to hear the voice of our third entity expressing what these values mean for us, and how we wish to embody them in our work.

Speaking about Love in the context of a business felt unusual on the one hand and yet so natural on the other. It came with great courage and vulnerability, and exquisite awareness of our entity, through our commitment to deep democracy.

Sometimes it feels like we are working in a live ORSC™ laboratory!

Our invitation: No better way to sample these principles in action, than embark on your own ORSC journey towards becoming a Relationship Systems Coach.

We’d love to walk with you. #love

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