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Featuring ORSCer… Sibusiso Sithole

My journey to selection as an ORSC course leader has been challenging, and it has given me great learnings and great connections. I started with ORSC more than 10 years ago when two of my colleagues in the NGO sector brought ORSC to our organization.

I immediately fell in love with this work, because it felt safe to have meaningful conversations

I started using ORSC tools in my workshops, and this improved my

facilitation and coaching skills. More importantly, it was helping communities and working teams that I worked with.

Over the years I have used ORSC and it has been a journey of continued learning. I appreciate the fact that ORSC continues to give me growing opportunities and it continues to nurture my human relations.

What I loved about the audition process is the team support and the culture of Ubuntu that was shown by every coach who was auditioning. When I felt overwhelmed or got confused, I always knew that there is support available. There’s no way I would have made it if I was on this journey alone.

I’ve always admired how skilled and competent ORSC front room leaders are, and I remember how I developed high dreams of being one of them. This high dream has become a reality because of others who saw potential, and gave me an opportunity.

I believe that in order to flourish and achieve great goals, one needs to be given an opportunity to shine. I am living proof of that. One of my goals as an ORSC trainer will be to afford others an opportunity and pay it forward.

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